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11 surprising facts about the Brady Bunch house

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In the late 1960s and early 1970s, The Brady Group got viewers to unwittingly hum their incredibly catchy theme song, and almost 50 years later, the iconic show has sparked nostalgic feelings with HGTV A very Brady renovation. In August 2018, HGTV bought the house—Located at 11222 Dilling Street in Studio City, CA by Douglas Elliman Real Estate– and turned it entirely into a replica of the original TV that once stood at Paramount Studios.

And more than a year later, on September 9, 2019, A very Brady renovation officially premiered on HGTV, attracting 8.1 million viewers for its First episode—An absolute record for the network. Each week, the limited TV series focuses on different spaces within The Brady Group house, worked by a different combination of Brady kids and HGTV stars– culminating with incredible revelations. In the final episode, HGTV viewers will see the entire house unveiled with all of its 70s charm.

Of outside the house At the grand entrance of the retro decor, the limited TV series pays close attention to every detail, with advice from the brady kids who know the house better than anyone. Waiting for the next episode of A very Brady renovation, find out some fun facts you might not have understood about the house and the show itself.

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It is the second most photographed house in the United States


It was only used for outdoor shots.

According to Deadline, interior scenes were shot on a sound stage. The current house only has three bedrooms, so we can imagine the number of sibling feuds if it was the Bradys’ IRL house.


It has two parental suites.

It is clear that the 2,477 square foot single family home has a lot to offer. Check that wallpaper. Yeah or Nan?


You will be taken back to the 70s.

Although the house was built in 1959, every room has a retro vibe, just in case you can’t tell from the bedroom.


It has lovely colors.


All the pieces flow into the next one.

Although the finishes are a bit dated, the open concept is very current and perfect for entertaining. We really like the layout.


He has an impressive batch.


In the end, HGTV closed the deal.

Say that The Brady Group the list of houses was full of twists and turns would be an understatement. Former NSYNC member Bass Lance At first announced itself as the successful bidder, but HGTV eventually made the deal three weeks after the first screening.


Maureen McCormick considered buying it herself.

Actress Maureen McCormick– who played older sister, Marcia Brady – shared that she would have loved having bought the house for herself. But backed down after realizing there was fierce competition.


The actors asked for help finding the decor for the house.

Once HGTV has started filming A very Brady renovation, a video posted by the network showed the six Brady children sending out a general call to help find recognizable items around the house. The treasures found are gathered in a A Very Brady Gallery Treasure Hunt, but there are still more memories to be found.


The renovation is complete!

The images and teaser video shared by HGTV and the show’s stars did not let viewers down. Its 90-minute premiere on September 9 featured the start of the home’s renovation, and that’s ridiculously perfect, until swing in the yard and the horse statue in the entrance.

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