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Abrams in Georgia Southern: “People shouldn’t have to go into farming” for a living

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Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate takes heat after telling Georgia Southern University crowd that people “shouldn’t have to go into farming” and vowed to create “a lot of jobs different”.

The statement was made about him “Our voices. Our votes. Our Time, ”during which Abrams toured the state with other Democratic candidates and leaders ahead of Election Day. It was videotaped by someone present at the rally that took place on Tuesday evening.

You can listen to the clip in which Abrams discuss hospitality here.

Georgia Southern is located in Statesboro, Bulloch County, Southeast Georgia, a farming community surrounded by a number of other primarily farming communities. Georgia has 9.6 million acres of farmland and over 42,000 individual farms across the state, each with an average size of 228 acres. Agriculture is a $ 73 billion industry in Peach State. One in seven Georgians works in agriculture, forestry or related fields.

The clip is brief, so AllOnGeorgia reached out to the Abrams campaign on Wednesday for comment and clarification. At the time of publication, the Abrams campaign had not responded.

*** UPDATE *** The Abrams campaign provided a statement at 7:00 p.m.

From Abrams Campagin spokesperson Abigail Collazo:

This is an absurdly deceptive attack by someone who plans to kill the Georgian hotel industry by signing discriminatory legislation such as the RFRA and who has personally guaranteed $ 10 million in loans for a company that defrauded farmers – actions that the administration of Governor Nathan Deal called a crime. Georgia Law. And while Stacey Abrams believes all Georgians – including farmers and hospitality workers – should have access to affordable health care, Brian Kemp continued to strongly oppose the expansion of Medicaid. Abrams is the only candidate with detailed plans to invest in rural Georgia by creating well-paying jobs, expanding broadband access, and investing in rural educators and students. It is clear that Brian Kemp’s preferred tactic has become a lie about Stacey Abrams’ bold plans and detailed policy proposals in order to cover up the fact that he has none of his own.

The Kemp campaign was quick to respond to the video currently circulating. Kemp campaign spokesman Cody Hall said in a statement on Wednesday:

“While Stacey Abrams was building her national profile on ‘Meet the Press,’ Brian Kemp was in southwest Georgia to assess the damage caused by Hurricane Michael and discuss the effects of the storm on the agricultural industry in Georgia. our state.

A few days later, Stacey Abrams took a bus from Atlanta to avoid questions about his plan to let illegal immigrants vote, and Brian Kemp traveled to Savannah to support Georgia tourism and our local elected officials.

Brian Kemp understands the incredible impact agriculture and tourism have on our state. He appreciates the sacrifices made by our farmers to feed their families and ours. Kemp knows that tourism drives local economies across our state – creating jobs and economic opportunities for people of all walks of life.

Stacey Abrams’ bold and condescending comments undermine our most beloved industries and denigrate hard-working Georgians in every corner of our state. We need a governor who supports Georgian farmers – instead of attacking them during a crisis. We need a governor like Brian Kemp who will support those in the hospitality industry – instead of telling workers they should find other jobs.

Here’s Stacey Abrams insulting Georgia’s farmers and hotel workers like they’re inferior. She says these people should instead get into “renewable energy jobs because I’m going to tell you a secret: climate change is real.” ? We can’t all live in Atlanta and neither do we.

posted by Erick erickson Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The full video of the speech is below.

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posted by Stacey Abrams Tuesday, October 16, 2018

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