November 24, 2022
  • November 24, 2022

Aizhanique Mayo de Marquette enters the transfer portal

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Kudos to the Marquette Wire athletic department for running after the athletic department to finally get them to answer a question. On Saturday, the Wire was able to officially confirm through head coach Megan Duffy that Marquette first-year women’s basketball guard Aizhanique Mayo had entered the transfer portal and would no longer be a member of the team. ‘crew.


  • Marquette used a photo of Mayo in his No. 2 jersey as part of their Twitter countdown to the start of the season on Saturday, November 5, two days before the opener against Fairleigh Dickinson.
  • Mayo was not seen on the bench for Marquette’s opener.
  • After the match, Duffy didn’t comment on it and the Wire was told there would be a statement on Friday.
  • At some point, Mayo was removed from Marquette’s roster page on I can’t confirm precisely when this happened, but she was still there on November 3 when I posted our look at newcomers to the roster. One of our readers noticed that Mayo disappeared at some point before Friday’s game, as it was hinted at in the preview comments.
  • Friday’s game against Holy Cross has come and gone, and Duffy didn’t address the matter at all. When I asked The Wire what Duffy had to say about Mayo, a team spokesperson told them there would be a statement on Sunday.
  • It’s dumb, and everyone realized it was dumb, and so now we have this release on Saturday.

Mayo had been on campus since the summer, participating in strength and conditioning training and preseason photoshoots and all that sort of thing. No idea what caused him to leave – although the Anonymous Eagle email inbox remains open at anon.eagle on gmail dot com – and it’s certainly unexpected that someone would wake up and decide to leave after having put in all that effort, but it’s her right if that’s what she wants to do.

Scholarship board time!

Because Mayo was a scholarship holder up to this point in the year, Marquette can no longer use the scholarship this year. This means the Golden Eagles have at least four spots open for next season with the possibility that three of the seniors could return for their eligibility bonus season. Whether that means Duffy and his team will be on the hunt for another freshman to join Skylar Forbes and Halle Vice, or if that means they’ll move him forward to 2024 remains to be seen.