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ASML Provides Strategic and Financial Update at Investor Day Virtual Meeting

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ASML Provides Strategic and Financial Update at Investor Day Virtual Meeting ASML increases its long-term outlook

VELDHOVEN, The Netherlands, September 29, 2021 – At today’s Investors Day meeting, broadcast live from its head office in Veldhoven, the Netherlands, ASML Holding NV (ASML) will provide strategy update , the performance and long-term prospects of the company. Chairman and CEO Peter Wennink, along with CTO Martin van den Brink and CFO Roger Dassen and other senior executives, will discuss business growth opportunities and market and technology developments.

Business strategy, long-term outlook and value creation

  • Global megatrends in the electronics industry, supported by a highly profitable and extremely innovative ecosystem, are expected to continue to fuel growth in the semiconductor market.
  • The growth of semiconductor end markets and the increasing intensity of lithography are driving demand for our products and services.
  • ASML’s comprehensive product portfolio is aligned with our customer’s roadmaps, delivering cost-effective solutions that support all applications from state-of-the-art nodes to mature nodes.
  • Based on different market scenarios, we have the possibility of achieving an annual turnover in 2025 between around 24 billion euros and 30 billion euros, with a gross margin in 2025 between around 54% and 56%. %.
  • We see significant growth opportunities beyond 2025. We anticipate that our systems (lithography, metrology and inspection) and installed base management (sales of field services and upgrades) will provide a growth rate. annual turnover of around 11% for the period 2020-2030, based on third-party research and our assumptions.
  • ASML and its supply chain partners are actively adding and improving capacity to meet this future customer demand.
  • Our ESG sustainability strategy builds on the performance improvements achieved and details how we plan to contribute to a digital and sustainable future.
  • Our continued investments in technology leadership have created significant shareholder value.
  • We plan to continue returning significant sums of money to our shareholders through a combination of growing dividends and share buybacks.

Topics and speakers

  • Market Drivers, Strategy and Sustainable Value – Peter Wennink, President and CEO
  • Technology strategy – Martin van den Brink, President & CTO
  • EUV products and business opportunities – Christophe Fouquet, Executive Vice President Business Line EUV
  • DUV Products and Business Opportunities – Ron Kool, Executive Vice President Business Line DUV
  • Application Products and Business Opportunities – Jim Koonmen, Executive Vice President, Applications Business Line
  • Installed Base Management – Wayne Allan, Executive Vice President of Customer Service
  • Business model and capital allocation strategy – Roger Dassen, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Webcast and presentationsThe event will be hosted on a fully virtual platform. The program runs from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. CET. The live webcast can be watched from anywhere in the world (no pre-registration required). The link to the webcast is on our website. The presentations and a recording will be available later on

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About ASMLASML is one of the leading suppliers to the semiconductor industry. The company provides chipmakers with hardware, software and services to mass-produce models of integrated circuits (microchips). In collaboration with its partners, ASML promotes the development of more affordable, more powerful and more energy efficient microchips. ASML enables revolutionary technology to solve some of humanity’s most difficult challenges, such as healthcare, energy use and conservation, mobility and agriculture. ASML is a multinational company based in Veldhoven, the Netherlands, with offices in Europe, the United States and Asia. Every day, ASML’s more than 29,300 employees challenge the status quo and push technology to new limits. ASML is listed on Euronext Amsterdam and NASDAQ under the symbol ASML. Discover ASML – our products, our technology and our career opportunities – at

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