November 24, 2022
  • November 24, 2022

BBB warns of scams by government imposters

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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) – This is one of the most common types of scams. You pick up the phone and someone claiming to work for the government, usually the Social Security Administration or the IRS, says they want your money.

They then claim that you owe back taxes or ask for your personal information. Monica Horton of the Better Business Bureau shares more about what people should do when they receive one of these phone calls.

BBB officials released information last week showing that while reporting of scams by government imposters has slowed since 2021, victims have lost twice as much money. Crooks could impersonate a legitimate government agency and contact potential victims during these schemes.

Social Security Administration impersonators warn the victim that their identity has been impersonated and ask them to verify their Social Security number and other personal information, according to BBB officials. Reports of fake IRS callers threaten arrest unless back taxes are paid.

When it comes to government grant fraud, scammers would contact their victims using a friend’s hacked social media account and tell them about a lucrative grant program that only costs a small fee to receive. BBB officials said the victim never received the grant and lost the money and personal information they sent to the scammers.

BBB officials have provided the following tips to avoid scams by government imposters:

  • Stop and think each time you are called in the name of the law; government agencies do not call with threats or promises of money
  • Be aware that your caller ID can be spoofed and your friends’ social media accounts can be hacked
  • Never pay with a gift card, bank transfer or cryptocurrency; government agencies do not accept this form of payment
  • There is no easy grant

Scams can be reported to the BBB online scam tracker.

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