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Binance app: Details, features, payments in 2021

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Interest in cryptocurrencies is increasing more and more every day. Binance app is a reliable forex and crypto broker that you can use. I define trusted crypto platforms as sites that I have tried before and have had no issues with. First, we can look at the items that need special attention and then move on to Binance forex and crypto broker.
When choosing a forex broker or crypto platform, consider the following:

Variety: You should always choose a platform that offers as many options as possible.

Reliability: You should prefer sites that have long-term users in the market and are widely accepted

Volume: You can seize more opportunities in the markets with volume, and you can trade faster

Number of pieces : It will be easier to find the coin you want in the markets with a variety of coins and more pairs.

Binance app: currency and cryptocurrency exchange broker

The Binance app, whose 24-hour volume averaged 10 billion in 2021, is the largest cryptocurrency trading platform. Binance gives you the option to trade 258 different coins for 876 different currencies. Binance, with 28 million daily visitors, is the best forex broker where you can manage your investment. Binance, which has low commission rates compared to its competitors, has a mobile app where you can easily complete all transactions and be sure your money is safe.

Download Binance and Microsoft mobile App here:

One thing to do before creating a Binance account

If you have decided to trade on the Binance platform, be sure to read their terms and Privacy Policy to make sure it matches your situation.

Why choose the Binance app?

That is the question! Binance gives you a bunch of reasons and new features to use on its platform:

Binance Visa Card

With the Binance Visa card, you will be able to change and spend your favorite cryptocurrencies in over 60 million online stores around the world. Deposit the crypto into your card wallet from your spot wallet and you are good to go. Spend your crypto anytime, anywhere.

Binance Stock Tokens

Binance Stock Tokens are digital representations of stocks traded on stock exchanges. The value of a Stock Token is determined by the price of the underlying stock. The value of the stock token will increase in line with the value of the underlying stock. If the price of the underlying stock goes down, the value of the Stock Token will go down as well. Stock Tokens are non-fungible OTC derivatives, but not stocks themselves.

Access stock tokens?

First you need an activated account on Binance.com. You also must not be a resident of restricted countries, including China, the United States of America, and Turkey. After successful integration, Binance will unblock your account for Stock Token trading. Please note that Binance may need additional KYC / Account verification information from you.

More Features Binance Offers To Investors:

  1. Over $ 37 billion in daily transaction volume
  2. Reinforced security
  3. Reduced downtime
  4. Most parts available
  5. Possibility of investing with a credit card
  6. Possibility of investing with a bank transfer
  7. Live chats in many languages
  8. Forward transactions
  9. Prize draws
  10. Quick actions
  11. Low commission
  12. The approval process is short
  13. Have offices everywhere
  14. Easy to use

How to sign up for a Binance account

To create an account on Binance forex and crypto broker, you will need an email or phone number.

  1. First step to register: Create a free account | Binance
  2. Go to Binance.com
  3. Click on Register
  4. Fill in your data (e-mail address or phone number) Click on Create an account

Second step: activate:

Once the registration process is complete, Binance will redirect you to the home page. Binance will ask for a code sent to your email address or phone number. Enter your code, Vola you are activated! After activation, you are now ready to trade!

Buy crypto with the Binance app

You have completed the registration process and activated your account, you only need one step to buy crypto with Binance which is to deposit money into your account. Binance offers different methods for investors and traders to buy cryptos, such as:

Bank transfer (SWIFT TRANSFER)

Binance allows deposits with various fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, AUD, BRL, GBP, GHS, HKD, KES, KZT, NGN, NOK, PEN, RUB, TRY, UAH, UGX,
Funding with euros (EUR), US dollars (USD) and other fiat currencies, all at low fees. Depositing funds with SWIFT (USD) is free.

Credit / Debit Cards

With this method, you need to link your credit or debit card to your Binance account. However, it doesn’t matter what currency you use! Binance offers ways to buy cryptos with different fiat currencies.

P2P method

P2P means buying or selling cryptos to another investor or trader within the Binance platform. With Binance P2P, you can buy and sell cryptos with over 150 payment methods, including wire transfer, cash, PayPal, M-Pesa, and multiple e-wallets. However, Binance gives you the option to advertise your crypto to get your own prices.

How to buy crypto with P2P on the Binance app?

First of all, find what you need in the offers available in the market. Second, make an offer to buy crypto and then pay the seller with the available payment methods. After confirming the payment, you will get your crypto.

Payments to third parties

The third-party method gives you the option of buying crypto with Simplex, Paxos, and Banxa. In this case, Binance will redirect you to another site to complete your payment. These sites allow you to pay with Visa, Master Cards, wire transfer and wire transfer.

Binance trading and exchange platform

Now that you have an activated Binance account, you deposit money into your account. To start trading your crypto, buy and sell, or even trade, Binance offers you your different platforms.

The classic platform

The classic platform is designed for new investors and beginners. It has limited options and overviews for cryptocurrencies.

The advanced platform

The advanced platform is designed for more experienced investors and traders who have been investing for a long time. It offers traders more options and unlimited crypto insights.

Binance margin trading

On this page, Binance allows you to borrow funds to implement leveraged trading, which involves both rewards and risks.

Binance platform training

The Binance platform answers most of your questions about crypto trading, and how to get the most out of it. For example, Binance offers you important information about the following list of cryptocurrencies:

  1. Buy BNB
  2. Buy Bitcoins
  3. Buy Ethereum
  4. Buy Ripple
  5. Buy Litecoins
  6. Buy Bitcoin Cash
  7. Buy Dogecoin
  8. Buy Challenge

Make sure to check it out so that you have an in-depth knowledge of crypto and trading.

Binance App Customer Services

If you have any problem while trading on Binance, all you need to do is contact Binance customer service, they are available 24/7. You can contact the support team through this page

You can also contact Binance on social media:

If you enjoyed this, you can also take advantage of the 2021 Bitcoin Prohibited Countries List, the United States has updated their policy!

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