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Caregiver allegedly stole money from dying man she was caring for | New

By on October 19, 2021 0

TUCSON (KVOA) – A nightmare for a family caring for their dying loved one.

It happened last spring when they hired a woman to watch over their father.

Chris and Kathy Volpe moved from Ohio to Tucson in 2020 to care for Chris’ dying father.

They learned a hard lesson and hope they can keep others from the same heartache.

Kathy Volpe told News 4 Tucson: “I don’t understand how people can be like this, it’s just beyond belief.”

Volpe said they hired Shannon Pratt. She worked for the same company that looked after Chet Volpe who was bedridden.

His health had declined since his 56-year-old wife died of cancer.

Kathy said they were only gone a few hours.

“Unfortunately, it went really badly,” said Kathy.

The day after Pratt was at home, they received a call regarding fraudulent activity involving his stepfather’s account.

“She used her own name,” said Kathy. “So here we saw the name of the person who was taking care of Dad the day before had tried to make a transfer from his computer.”

A transfer of $ 1,500 from Chet Volpe’s bank account to the caregiver’s account.

According to the daughter-in-law, Pratt searched a closet and found a purse with credit cards on it.

“On behalf of my mother-in-law, Nancy Volpe took her credit cards and billed all kinds of stuff,” Kathy said.

Kathy said after Pratt left the house, she immediately started loading a storm.

Clothing at Ross, tires at Firestone, groceries at Basha. She even had her car washed.

“I think it totaled $ 700 worth of stuff in 48 hours,” Kathy explained.

Tucson Police and the agency where Pratt worked were called.

The agency reportedly fired her and told her she needed to get her paycheck back, but she never did.

Police say she left town.

Police said on Aug.31 that she was arrested on a warrant in Pennsylvania.

She is back in Tucson in the Pima County Jail where she has been charged with fraud, theft and attempted theft.

She is being held on $ 10,000 bond.

Tucson Police Sgt. Kim Frie told News 4 Tucson last spring:

“Every time someone walks in they are put in a position of trust and when they take something from someone it is a total violation, that person has to be held accountable.”

According to the Pima County Jail, his next court appearance is scheduled for next month.

Kathy Volpe has a message.

“Take a deep look at yourself and think about what you’ve done,” she said.

News 4 Tucson contacted the agency Shannon Pratt worked for and asked them about their hiring practices.

Officials told us that they do extensive checks on all employees whom they also call for references.

At the time, Pratt had never been charged with any crime.

News 4 Tucson learned of a theft in February that was reported to the TPD involving Pratt, but no charges have been laid against the matter.

Tucson Police have provided the following information if you are looking for a caregiver.

Adult Protection Services maintains a log that also contains descriptions of the https: incident.

To report suspected elder abuse, Adult Protective Services https:

To check the status of nursing licenses / certifications: Arizona State Board of Nursing https: (PN, RN, APRN-CNS, APRN-CRNA, APRN-CNP, APRN-CNM) or azbn.boardsofnursing. org. (CMA, CNA, LNA, SN, UCNA)

For more information, visit Pima Council on Aging