November 24, 2022
  • November 24, 2022

Chamber announces measures to protect against future fraud | News

By on December 18, 2021 0

Weeks after losing $ 3,450 in an email scam, the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce is taking action to protect against potential fraud.

“There has been an increase in fraud and security attacks against small businesses and organizations by threat actors, and unfortunately the House has fallen victim to what is known as a business email compromise scam.” , said Christina Gagnier, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce. in a statement issued jointly with House Speaker Zeb Welborn on Wednesday morning.

“Although the proper reporting channels were followed upon discovery of the incident, liaising with the Chino Commercial Bank team and filing a police report with the Chino Police Department, the funds transferred in error were not retrieved. “

House Treasurer Terry Fitch said last week he received what looked like a legitimate email from Ms. Gagnier, requesting an electronic funds transfer for a marketing agency.

The $ 3,450 transaction closed and a second $ 5,000 transaction was stopped by Chino Commercial Bank, which identified the fraud before it could be completed.

The Chamber will offer three free cybersecurity awareness training sessions in January, February and March, which will be mandatory for Chino Valley Chamber staff and board members, offered free of charge to Chamber members.

Training sessions will be offered in person. The online visualization will be available after the sessions have taken place.

The Chamber has also obtained cyber insurance to protect personal information and financial resources and will implement a new incident reporting policy.

“The House will institute new reporting and accountability measures to alert the Speaker and the Speaker of the House of any suspicious activity encountered,” said Ms. Gagnier.

Wire transfers were removed from the House’s account, she added.

“The Chamber wants to ensure that its members are equipped with the appropriate training and resources to avoid what can be costly cyber incidents,” she said.

An eBook – which can be found at loads / 2020/10 / LEVICK_eBook_Cyber-Securi ty_2020.pdf – contains articles, tips, and links to several resources that the owners companies can use to protect themselves, said Ms. Gagnier.

“It is an unfortunate situation, but the House and its leadership are determined to learn from this incident and build supports for our members,” she said. “Transparency is the key to our vibrant member organization. ”

The Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce, established in 1913, has more than 500 companies in its non-profit organization and hosts many events every year.