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Dan Bilzerian reveals $ 350 million worth of poker to Alec Gores …

By on December 27, 2021 0

Dan Bilzerian has revealed that his next grudge match opponent, Alec Gores, has already been hit with a $ 350 million tax bill for poker winnings.

The social media influencer appeared on the More Plates More Dates podcast and explained how the world of private nosebleed games has now moved to cryptocurrency to avoid the problem of handling such large amounts of money. silver.

Crypto is the way to go

There has been a lot of talk lately about the crazy world of high stakes private games. A few weeks ago, Dan Bilzerian revealed that he used to play games with a buy-in of $ 10 million, regularly risking bankruptcy with still insufficient bankroll.

It might not be such a big story, but it was shocking to hear billionaire Andy Beal send Alec Gores a $ 700 million bank transfer to settle his poker debt, and then the State of California requires 50%.

This has to be one of the reasons why these private games are now switching to cryptocurrency to make their life easier. The fiscal situation of this new situation is not clear. Governments have so far stayed away from taxing Bitcoin, but there are plenty of other headline stories like this that might give them pause.

Bilzerian says the original currency of choice was the $ 5,000 Bellagio tokens. Having enough cash on hand was more than a bit of a nuisance for the big guys. He adds that he has personally received such payments since 2013 and has even seen high-stakes games in Macau settled with Bitcoin.

The above interview with Derek is a good watch. Fans of Dan Bilzerian and his exploits will hear plenty of anecdotes about his high roller lifestyle and shenanigans.