November 24, 2022
  • November 24, 2022

Dollar today: how much the blue and the official are trading this Friday, October 1

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The dollar official was exchanged this Friday, October 1 at 98 $ for the purchase and $ 104 on sale on the screens of the Bank of Nation Argentina (BNA), unchanged from the previous day.

For its part, blue dollar runs at $ 183 upon purchase and $ 186 for sale in the city of Buenos Aires, stable compared to the previous wheel. The informal price hit a new year high of $ 187.50 on Wednesday, but eventually halted the rise. Still, analysts believe the spread will remain under pressure.

The parallel had already woken up in August, after the latest restrictions on the financial dollar and experts believe there will be more demand on the informal segment as the elections approach.

For its part, solidarity dollar or tourist dollar continued in $ 171.60 for sale. It is the value with which you should be guided when acquiring foreign currency to save or to carry out transactions (purchase of goods or services by credit or debit card) abroad.

This value results from the price of the official dollar plus the COUNTRY taxes (30%) and withholding of 35% as a deposit on Income. So far in 2021, the retail dollar is showing a increase by 16.3%.

In the segment wholesaler, the central bank (BCRA) validated an increase of five cents, until $ 98.79. In this way the exchange difference between the trade dollar and the blue it was in 88.28%. In the previous one of the PASO, the distance had widened until near the maximum of the year, of 92%, that touched in July.

The wholesale dollar added 1% in September and accumulate a 17.4% increase so far this year. Since March, there has been a moderation in the rate of devaluation of the official exchange rate, as the authorities expect it to serve as a anchor for the inflation.

The market’s attention was on this Friday Central Bank intervention, which lost $ 196 million on the last day of September, in what was the biggest daily sale in a year. Thus, it ended last month with an outflow of US $ 950 million.

On the first day of October, the trend did not change and the organism was ceded an additional $ 55 million. Sources in the monetary authority have pointed out that the loss of reserves is explained by the foreign currency demand from importers, both for the entry of capital goods and inputs and for the payment of energy.

The entity headed by Miguel Pesce had already anticipated that the sales which started towards the end of August, would continue in October and November. “By December, with the arrival of the good harvest, the BCRA will regain the capacity to buy foreign currencies on the foreign exchange market,” sources said.

The 7.1 billion US dollars that the BCRA acquired between january and july Thanks to the currencies obtained from exports from the countryside, they turn their backs on the organization to meet the demand for imports.

Another element that explains the decline in reserves concerns payments to international organizations. The final blow came on Wednesday, September 22, when the government paid the IMF $ 1.9 billion. On that day, reserves fell by about US $ 2 billion.

Regarding the financial options, they continue the operation although there are still obstacles and little volume after the latest regulations to stop the “roll”. Prices tend to rise sharply during the early hours of the day and then fall due to interventions by public bodies.

On official screens the counted with liqui (CCL) under 0.7% a $ 176.25. In this way, it is gaining 25.9% so far this year.

What is the dollar counted with liquid? It is the exchange rate that results from the operation that allows investors to buy Argentine papers on the local market and resell them abroad in order to transform foreign currencies into “hoarding”.

For its part, dollar mep the bag increases by 0.7% and operates at $ 176.25. Thus, it improved by 25.9% over the year. It’s a financial exchange rate It works in a similar way to “counted with liqui” but allows the banknotes obtained to be deposited locally.

Although official financial dollar quotes remain relatively calm due to interventions, in the unregulated segments the value of the American invoice they climb with more force.

According to data compiled by trader Leonardo Svirsky, the Senebi dollar closed at $ 195 on Thursday. In contrast, the type counted with liquid that arises from the exploitation of Argentine stocks in New York reached 194.80 dollars.

The dollar rate during the last 30 days

The historic dollar rate

Euro today: how much is the European currency worth in Argentina

For its part, euro finished their daily tour at $ 113.75 to buy now $ 119.75 for sale To National Bank, stable with respect to the previous value.

However, the currency of the European Union is also affected by the PAIS tax and the profit advance, so the final value of this to divide purchase was $ 197.59. For the exchange rate, you can only buy euros for the amount equivalent to US $ 200.

TO parallel market Buenos Aires, meanwhile, the European currency reached $ 211.12 for the purchase and $ 215.76 for sale. Thus, the gap between the official euro and the blue reached 80.18%.

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