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Edgecore Networks and Spirent Collaborate to Introduce OCP OpenSource Device Management Tool Set for DC Monitoring, Fault Isolation, and Automatic Problem Solving

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Meet easy management requirements for service providers and data centers

Software demonstration with Spirent in OCP Experience Center

SAN JOSE, California, November 09, 2021– (BUSINESS WIRE) –OCP World Summit – Edgecore Networks, the leader in open networking solutions, today announced a demonstration of OCP-based hardware-based data center troubleshooting capability in collaboration with Spirent Communications. Leveraging the OCP Device Manager network device monitoring and management provided by Edgecore, the Spirent CloudSure solution can dramatically reduce the number of service outages by automatically identifying and resolving issues.

With the introduction of 5G mobile networks, the significant growth in bandwidth consumption has resulted in an unprecedented level of expansion for the existing network infrastructure. Therefore, hyperscale data center service providers and operators are looking for new ways to manage and resolve post-deployment operational issues within their data center infrastructure. With Edgecore Device Manager, these operators can quickly and effortlessly deploy and manage their infrastructure components and reduce their DC support costs.

Edgecore Device Manager provides various functions, including asset management and SW / FW updates of devices, and offers an end-to-end DC management solution. As part of its management activities, it also monitors the status of network device components (including power and fan modules, transceiver links, thermal sensors) as well as operational aspects of the device, such as resource usage (CPU, memory, storage) and network. data transfer / error rate. Device Manager reports collected data using standard OCP interfaces and alerts operators to possible failures / instabilities to prevent failures in advance. CloudSure, in conjunction with Device Manager, uses this data and many other system parameters, going through an extremely low overload scan cycle, and resolves a certain category of issues.

To implement troubleshooting and remediation functionality, Edgecore’s Redfish® service monitors device telemetry data and alerts CloudSure in the event of an anomaly. CloudSure performs advanced AI-driven analysis, resulting in an automated fix (when possible) or system-wide alert, telling operators how to fix the problem.

Larry Ho, Vice President of Software Engineering, Edgecore Networks, said, “As a leader in open networks, Edgecore understands the importance of open possibilities, Edgecore Device Manager, a fully open source standard implementation for device tracking, collects and publishes data from networked devices, and enables Spirent CloudSure to proactively engage and manage networks. Through collaboration with such technology partners, Edgecore leads the industry with yet another way to innovate through standardization. “

At the OCP Global Summit 2021, Edgecore Networks and Spirent will present this set of network monitoring, alerting and remediation tools in the Edgecore Experience Center and Booth (C23), using the software Edgecore Device Manager, monitoring switches and OCP-Accepted servers on a remote DC. located in Taiwan.

Quotes in support of partners

Quoted by Jajeev Sharma, Software and Technology Director

“Edgecore has made many important contributions to the OCP networking project over the past few years. We appreciate Edgecore Networks latest contribution, Device Manager, which provides a uniform and simple method for network monitoring and management across all open hardware platforms.

Quoted by Malathi Malla, Head of Go to Market Strategy & Operations of Cloud & IP at Spirent Communications

“Hyperscale and cloud operators face significant challenges in meeting the most demanding performance, scalability and high availability requirements for their networked products and services. To anticipate and resolve operational obstacles, operators are constantly looking for cutting-edge solutions to improve their infrastructure. We are excited to work with Edgecore on the ability to provide insightful telemetry for proactive troubleshooting, fault isolation and remediation, thereby increasing the true value of the open network.

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