November 24, 2022
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BOARD OF EDUCATION Willmar Public Schools – ISD 347 Willmar, MN 56201 Minutes of Regular School Board Meeting May 9, 2022 Regular Board Meeting Called to Order by Chair Justin Bos at 4:30 p.m. Members Present : Mary Amon, Jay Lawton , Randy Frederickson, Mike Reynolds, Scott Thaden, Justin Bos, Tammy Barnes Absent: Motion by Tammy Barnes, seconded by Jay Lawton, to approve the agenda. Motion carried. Moved by Jay Lawton, seconded by Scott Thaden, to approve the consent agenda. Motion carried. AGENDA BY CONSENT Minutes of the regular meeting of the Board of Directors of April 11, 2022. Payment of invoices and wire transfers for the period ending April 30, 2022; totaling $3,937,743.26. Staff Items: Appointments: Rose Adamski, Assistant Director of Food and Nutrition Services, WEAC (02/05/22) Replacement Victoria Aycock, Maths Teacher, Middle School (22-23) Replacement Josh Dahl, Caretaker, High School (5/3/22) Replacement Megan Erickson, elementary music teacher, Kennedy (22-23 school years) Replacement Ashley Gilbertson, elementary teacher, Lakeland (22-23 school years) Replacement Sydney Greiner, elementary teacher, Kennedy (22-23 school years) Replacement Rylee Holme, primary school instructor, Roosevelt (22-23 school years) Replacement Kendra Kvebak, middle school Spanish teacher (22-23 school years) Replacement Kali Jensen Olson, primary school instructor, Roosevelt (22-23 school years) Replacement Hafsa Moalim, paraprofessional in special education (04/21/22) New position Christa Moller Pattison, science teacher, high school (22-23 school years) Replacement Jessica Quam, elementary teacher, Lakeland (22 -23 years old) Replacement LOA Tessa (Gregory) Schoenberg, English Language Arts s Instructor, Middle School (22-23 Schl Yr) Replacement Alexis Schryvers, Special Education Instructor, Senior High (22-23 Schl Yr) Replacement Eric Serrano, Bilingual Paraprofessional, Area Learning Center (5/3/22) New Position Catherine Wabs, Elementary Instructor, Kennedy (22-23 Schl Yr) Replacement Resignations: Joey Brown, Special Education Instructor, Senior High (6/7/22) Emma Burkett, Elementary Instructor, Kennedy (7/6/22) Teresa Depuydt, ESL Instructor, Area Learning Center (6/7/22) Elizabeth Diaz, Special Education Paraprofessional, Lakeland (4/29/22) Julie Fischer, Food Service Assistant, Roosevelt (4/29/22) Zachary Jacobson, Math Teacher, Middle School (7/6/22) Nick Macziewski, Special Educator, Roosevelt (7/6/22) Mohamud Mohamed, Cultural Liaison, District Office (4/14 /22) Emily Nienaber, elementary teacher, Roosevelt (6/7/22) Stephanie Slagter, Art Teacher, Prairie Lakes School (6/30/22) Leave of Absence: Fadumo Abdalla, Cultural Liaison, Roosevelt (5/2/22-6/3/22) Tammy Duscher, Special Education Paraprofessional (5/9/ 10/22-6/22) Levi Gotto, PE Instructor, Kennedy (5/13/22-5/15/22) Kristine Gratton, Elementary Teacher, Lakeland (5/3/22-6/ 13/22 Intermittent) Bryan Hurley, Science Instructor, Area Learning Center (5/2/22-5/13/22) Sheila Johannes, Library Office Paraprofessional, Senior High (4/29/22-5/5 /22) Jennifer Larson, Elementary Instructor, Kennedy (5/9/22-5/13/22) Sary Canto de Miley, Cultural Liaison, Lakeland Elementary (4/6/22-TBD) Jodi Mottinger, Phy Ed Instructor, Senior High (5/9/22-6/7/22) Chelsey O’Malley, Elementary Instructor, Lakeland (4/19/22 – 6/6/22) Ifrah Sabri, Cultural Liaison, Lakeland (4/18/22- 5/5/22) Otila Sanchez, Kennedy Special Education Paraprofessional (4/6/22 – 5/2/22) Lois Schwieger, Title I Instructor, Kenn Edy (5/12/22-TBD) Debbie Stadick, Elementary Instructor, Lakeland (4/4/22-4/18/22) Sharyl Syverson, SEAT Instructor, Jefferson Learning Center (5/23/22-8/29/ 22) Sharon Tollefson, Counselor Counselor, ALC (5/9/22-8/16/22) Suzanne Vandal, ESL Instructor, Lakeland (4/26/22-6/5/22) Transfers: Shelby Becker from Gifted Instructor and talented at Special Education Instructor, Lakeland (22-23 Schl Yr) Replacement Erika Hennen Special Education Instructor Lakeland to Early Childhood Special Education Lakeland (22-23 Schl Yr) Replacement Kelly Kojetin, Food Service Assistant Senior High 4 hour increase at 4.5 hours (Replacement) Mark Neu from Elementary Instructor at Roosevelt to PE Instructor, Middle School (22-23 Schl) Extracurricular Appointments Replacement: Rebekah Cleary College Football Assistant Coach Transfer to College Women’s Soccer Head Coach (4/27/22) Brendan Hedtke, Head Girls Trained Basketball Manager (4/27/22) Replacement Colten Klassen, Middle School Golf (4/22/22) Replacement Jarad Ripperger, Middle School Softball (4/22/22) Replacement After School Quits: Katie Hultberg, Assistant Coach Women’s Basketball (04/27/22) Zacharie Jacob Jr., College Soccer Coach (04/28/22) Jessica Phillips, College Softball (04/17/22) Retirements: Betty Dawson, Social Worker and Program Coordinator , Regional Learning Center (01/08/22) REPORTS 1. Business and Finance – No report. 2. Human Resources – Ms. Windingstad reported that staffing is ongoing. We continue to seek staff for this school year, but are focused on filling teaching positions for the next school year. We are considering other hiring options, including options such as work visas. We have about 56 postings and some of them are for multiple positions such as special education and primary education. Ms. Windingstad reported that our Wellness Committee has completed all of its activities for the year and that we will be paying out the $500 wellness incentive to 358 employees for a total payout of $179,000. Ms. Windingstad also reported that a special board meeting will be held on Friday at 8:00 a.m. to discuss the tentative agreement we have reached with our teachers. Our group of teachers will vote on the tentative agreement later this week. Ms. Windingstad also reported that open registration is over for our staff. We strive to upload all data changes to Medica as soon as possible so that employees do not see any disruption in getting their insurance cards on time due to the switch from Blue Cross Blue Shield to Medica. 3. Teaching and learning – Ms. Thomas said she used COVID relief funds to hire a summer enrichment coordinator. The coordinator will help us plan and coordinate experiential learning opportunities for our K-12 students. Our next step in implementing our standards-based learning is for teachers to create sets of proficiency scales for their course(s)/content area(s). Using COVID funds intended to support the recovery of student learning, we have developed a plan which has been approved by the MDE. It included the addition of five additional working days for teachers over the next two years. The goal is to give teachers time to do this standards-based learning work. 4. Superintendent – Dr. Holm has indicated that he will begin working with Ray Queener of Teamworks International on succession planning on May 23. He reminded council members that the school’s commencement ceremony will take place on June 5. Dr. Holm provided some clarification on the additional five days of teacher contract time that will occur in school years 22-23 and 23-24. These additional days will be abolished in the fall of 2024 and teachers’ salaries will be adjusted accordingly. He also stressed that the schedule changes would not impact students. Finally, he thanked Carrie Thomas, Liz Windingstad and the leaders of Education Minnesota-Willmar for their work in setting up these days. ACTION 1. WPS Build Proposal – DOE Review and Comment – ​​Motion by Mary Amon, seconded by Tammy Barnes to approve the Build Proposal – DOE Review and Comment. Motion carried with a vote of 7-0. 2. Pass Resolution Accepting Donations/Donations – Motion by Mike Reynolds, seconded by Jay Lawton to accept donations from Willmar Lakes Rotary ($1,000 – Speech Student Activity Fund), Willmar Take Down Club ($3,000 – Volunteer Wrestling Coaches). Motion carried with a 7-0 roll call vote. (A copy of the resolution is available at the District Office) 3. Proposed Meal Price Increase 2022-2023 – Motion by Tammy Barnes, seconded by Scott Thaden to approve the Proposed Meal Price Increase 2022-2023. Motion carried with a vote of 7-0. 4. Revised Budget 2021-2022 – Moved by Randy Frederickson, seconded by Mike Reynolds to approve the Revised Budget 2021-2022. Motion carried with a vote of 7-0. 5. 22-23, 23-24 school calendars – Moved by Jay Lawton, seconded by Mary Amon to approve the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 school calendars. Motion carried with a vote of 7-0. PUBLIC COMMENTS ON NON-GENERAL ITEMS – Topic – Paraprofessional Compensation ADJOURNMENT – Motion to adjourn by Mike Reynolds, seconded by Tammy Barnes. Meeting adjourned at 5:27 p.m. (June 18, 2022) 73934