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Fadnavis sponsored a fake currency racket, underworld protected links: Nawab Malik | Latest India News

By on November 10, 2021 0

Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik on Wednesday accused Devendra Fadnavis of sponsoring a bogus currency racket and protecting people with underworld ties during his tenure as chief minister.

He brought new charges against the former chief minister a day after Fadnavis alleged that Malik and members of his family made land deals with people associated with the underworld. Malik dismissed the allegations as baseless and said he would “drop a hydrogen bomb” of revelations against Fadnavis on Wednesday.

Malik accused Fadnavis on Wednesday of having saved an Imran Aslam Shaikh after being caught in a counterfeit money case and having inkling with Riyaz Bhati, a suspected underworld assistant Don Dawood Ibrahim. Malik said Fadnavis appointed Munna Yadav, a criminal from Nagpur, and Haider Azam, a “Bangladeshi extortionist”, to statutory state government companies to protect them.

Shortly after Malik lifted the allegations, Fadnavis tweeted: “I learned a long time ago. Never wrestle with a pig. You get dirty. And besides, the pig likes it!

Malik said that when the demonetization of high currency banknotes was announced in November 2016 and the counterfeit currency was seized, no such case was recorded in Maharashtra for almost a year. He added in October 2017, the Directorate of Fiscal Intelligence (DRI) seized fake currencies worth ??14.56 crore but the case was weakened after the intervention of Fadnavis. “A seizure of only ??8.80 lakh were shown and the accused Imran Alam Shaikh was released on bail and no further investigation was carried out. Shaikh is the younger brother of Haji Arafat Shaikh, a leader of the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party), who was appointed chairman of the State Minorities Commission by Fadnavis … “

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Malik said it might be a coincidence that Sameer Wankhede was in charge of the counterfeit money case. “Wankhede, who has served in the city for 14 years, was DRI’s (intelligence) co-commissioner. Is Fadnavis making allegations against me to distract from Wankhede, who faces serious charges and is under investigation … ”asked Malik, who also made a series of allegations against Wankhede.

He questioned Fadnavis’ alleged ties to Bhati and said the latter was arrested with two passports, had ties to Ibrahim but was released within two days. “It happened even though he had a serious criminal record. Why is Bhati seen at all the events with you (Fadnavis) and at your dining table? How come he was allowed to attend Prime Minister’s event in Mumbai and click photos with him as well. No one can attend a Prime Minister’s event without state and central intelligence agencies examining their background. How come Bhati got a VIP pass? “

Asked about Bhati’s photographs with his party leader Sharad Pawar, Malik said he did not raise questions about the photographs as they can be taken with anyone in public life. “You (Fadnavis) have appointed people with criminal backgrounds to government positions, authorized (…)