November 24, 2022
  • November 24, 2022

Horizon Bancorp, Inc. Distribution Liquidation

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LAKE HAVASU CITY, Arizona–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Horizon Bancorp, Inc. (“Horizon Bancorp”) announced today that it has completed the sale of substantially all of the assets and liabilities (the “Asset Sale”) of Horizon Community Bank to Arizona Financial Credit Union (formerly Arizona Federal Credit Union) effective after close of business on September 30, 2022. In connection with the closing of the asset sale, Horizon Bancorp has caused its common stock to no longer trade or no longer listed on the OTC pink sheets and closed its trading books.

Horizon Bancorp also announced today that its board of directors has implemented a dissolution plan for the winding up and liquidation of Horizon Bancorp, as contemplated by the asset sale transaction documents. Horizon Bancorp plans to make two liquidation distributions to its shareholders, the first occurring shortly after the closing of the asset sale and the second occurring as soon as possible as part of the dissolution of Horizon Bancorp. Horizon Bancorp’s Board of Directors Approved a First Liquidation Cash Distribution of $18.00 per share.

In order for Horizon Bancorp shareholders to receive their initial liquidation distribution, they must surrender their original share certificate(s) (if applicable) and return certain transmittal documents. In the coming weeks, Horizon Bancorp shareholders will receive transmittal documents from Horizon Bancorp’s paying agent, West Coast Stock Transfer, Inc., for the surrender of the stock certificate(s) and ownership of Horizon Bancorp in exchange for liquidation distributions. Shareholders who hold shares in book-entry accounts with West Coast Stock Transfer, Inc. will receive checks for the amount of their liquidation distribution. Shareholders who hold Shares through a DTC-registered broker or other agent will receive their liquidation distribution through their account with such broker or other agent. Shareholders holding certificated shares will receive checks for the amount of their liquidation distribution upon delivery of their certificates with the transmission documents. You may contact West Coast Stock Transfer, Inc. with any questions regarding your shares and the initial liquidation distribution. Below is contact information for West Coast Stock Transfer, Inc.:

West Coast Stock Transfer, Inc.

Attention: Customer Service

721 N. Vulcan Avenue, Suite 106

Encinitas, California 92024

Phone: (619) 664-4780

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