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Massachusetts State Police, U.S. Marshals Warn Of Rising Scam – Fall River Reporter

By on April 26, 2022 0

The Massachusetts State Police Commonwealth Fusion Center has received reports of a nationwide increase in a particular phishing scheme that occurs over the phone.

Scammers call unsuspecting victims pretending to be US Marshals and demand that they comply with their instructions. Imposters claim that victims have outstanding warrants, court/attorney fees, or special payments due to avoid arrest or jail time. The scammer aims to trick its victims into providing sensitive/banking information, transferring money, or buying prepaid debit cards. The caller could use a variety of tactics to appear more legitimate, such as providing badge numbers, case numbers, and the names of law enforcement officials or federal judges. The caller can even spoof their phone number to appear on the caller ID coming from a government facility or courthouse.

The United States Marshals Service will never ask for credit card Buy prepaid debit card numbers, bank transfers, or other financial information on the to pay penalties for failing to call.

Varieties of this scam include:

-Buy prepaid debit cards to pay penalties for failing to appear in court
-Provide banking/financial information to pay fines or money orders
-Provide social security number to confirm identity.
-Transfer money to digital wallet to avoid court or arrest.

To report a suspected Internet-facilitated crime to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, follow the link to the Internet Crime Complaint Center – WWW.IC3.GOV