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Mumbai: A fraudster fools a customs officer, wife of Rs 1.9 lakh | Bombay News

By on June 9, 2021 0

MUMBAI: A customs department inspector and his wife were recently duped for Rs 1.9 lakh by a stranger who impersonated his brother and asked him to transfer money to his friend’s account who urgently needs money.
The officer’s wife did not suspect the appellant and believed he was his brother and followed his instructions after he (impostor) sent a screenshot of the NEFT transaction of Rs2 lakh which he claimed to have transferred to his bank account. Powai Police investigating the case said the customs officer, without verifying her bank account, transferred part of the money and the balance was transferred by her husband (officer) who was returning home in car.
The officer and his wife were duped into the online fraud on June 8. They did not become suspicious when the fraudster pretended to be her brother, until her husband became suspicious when the fraudster demanded an additional 2.5 lakh after claiming he transferred the money through NEFT while ‘he was facing a server problem to make a wire transfer.
“The fraudster who pretended to be his brother asked him to wire the money to help a friend’s son who is in the hospital. He constantly spoke to him on the phone and made him believe he was had transferred money through NEFT and that she will receive it soon. During this time, he asked her to transfer the money from her account, ”said a police officer from Powai.
The inspector was on his way home when he received a call from his wife, who claimed she was talking to her brother on the phone and wanted to help a friend. In the complaint, the customs officer said: “My wife informed me that her brother transferred Rs 2 lakh to his account because he could not directly do the bank transfer due to a server problem and asked him to transfer this money to his friend’s account. Account. The impostor shared screenshots of the NEFT transaction and claimed that the money would be credited to her account soon, which she believed. ”
A policeman said that the customs officer’s wife only had Rs 90,000 in her account, she asked him to transfer the amount of the balance to the account that the impersonator shared with her. “The customs officer said he was in the parking lot in Powai when his wife asked for the balance to be transferred. I transferred Rs 25,000 and Rs 75,000 in two transactions via the net banking method and UPI respectively. Later, when the officer returned home, he saw that his wife was still talking to the impersonator who asked him to transfer more than Rs 2.5 lakhs. Suspecting that something was wrong, the officer spoke to the man and realized it was not his brother-in-law. When confronted, the fraudster gave vague answers and disconnected the line, ”the officer said.
Police requested transaction details from the bank to track the fraudster through the account used in the fraudulent transactions.

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