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Our goal is to make UP India’s largest economy in terms of GSDP: Yogi Adityanath | Lucknow News

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Through: Yogi Adityanath
As Yogi Adityanath completes his 4 years in office, he writes for TOI about the challenges he overcame in one of the most difficult years and his roadmap for the state.
Path of Sammukh phaila agar dhyeya, Pragati chirantan kaisa iti ath.
Sushmit, boldit kaisa shram shlath; Asafal, manorath safal samaan.
Sab kuchh dekar, kuchh na mangate; Pawas bankar dhalna hoga, Kadam milakar chalna hoga …
(We must move forward vigorously united on the path to accomplish our eternal goal of progress without tiring ourselves, remaining indifferent to success and failure. We must be as generous as the rains because we must keep on giving and not giving anything. search.)
TAKEN from one of the memorable poems by former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji, these lines have been the driving force behind me since taking office as UP Chief Minister. These four years have been very satisfying for me professionally and spiritually and have literally been in the service of the State and its people. And today, as Chief Minister of State, I firmly believe that a good job done with good intentions and honesty in the general interest of the people is bound to succeed no matter what.
A year of intense struggle against the Covid-19 pandemic has passed. I remember the day of Janata’s curfew when His Excellency the President and the Vice President spoke to me on the phone about preparing the state amid the deepening crisis. They worried about how a huge state like the UP, with a dense population and inadequate health infrastructure, would cope with this epidemic. But I assured them that UP would do its best to contain and fight the virus.
We formed two teams, one made up of members of the Council of Ministers and the other of officials called Team-11. The responsibility of each was fixed. The pandemic situation across the state has been scrutinized daily and swift action has been ensured where and when needed. The condition of UP workers in other states and the issues they face were constantly monitored as we also respond to the needs of those residing in the state. I have a feeling of immense spiritual satisfaction as I write today that the whole of the UP has stood united in this world war.
On the path to development, per capita income has increased from Rs 47,116 in 2015-16 to Rs 94,495 today. This is the change. Over 40 Lakh families have secured housing and 1.38 crore of families have been connected to electricity in just four years, while connectivity in each village has improved dramatically. Five highways are preparing to accelerate development while defense corridors are being built to make the country self-sufficient in the field of defense production.
Doubling the income of farmers is our primary goal. Four years ago, we embarked on the public welfare adventure with the forgiveness of farmer loans. Today, the state’s farmers are becoming progressive and, with the support of advanced technology, are moving towards agricultural diversification. Recently, the central government took a historic initiative in agricultural reforms. The reforms aim to give a new dimension to the progress of farmers. Efforts are being made to reduce their production costs and increase their income. Farmers have the freedom to sell their crops where they can get a better price than Minimum Support Prices (MSP).
Uttar Pradesh was even awarded for the best performance in Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana. No less than 2.42 crore of farmers in the state have benefited from this program. The scope of the Farmers’ Accident Insurance Scheme has also been extended to the benefit of farming families and sharecroppers. The hope and prosperity of farmers is one of our top priorities and we are constantly trying to live up to it.
The light of cultural nationalism that has permeated Uttar Pradesh over the past four years has illuminated the hearts of every “sanatani” (believer in eternal order). Thanks to the “Ganga Yatra”, the goals of both faith and economy have been achieved. Additionally, the cornerstone of the centuries-old Great Ram Temple was finally laid in 2020 at the Sri Ram Janmabhoomi site. Ayodhya Deepotsav, Dev Deepavali from Kashi and Braj Rangotsav were widely appreciated.
The state ignored the label of a BIMARU state that had been attached to it for decades. Its economy is no longer in the fifth position where it was four years ago despite being the largest state and from which young people preferred to migrate due to lack of employment opportunities. Today, UP has defined a model for other states to emulate. The state with a GDP of Rs 10.90 lakh crore in 2015-16 has become the second largest economy in the country with a GDP of Rs 21.73 lakh crore today.
The result of the changing environment is that UP is the first choice of investors today. It was no easy task to reach second place in the national ranking for “Ease of Doing Business” in four years, but we did it. Today our government is also focusing on “ease of living”. Our Prime Minister dreamed of an “autonomous India”. It pursues the goal of making the country an economy of 5,000 billion US dollars and UP expresses its commitment to achieve this noble goal.
As we move towards becoming a $ 1 trillion economy, our goal for the coming year is to become the largest economy in terms of GSDP.
This new work culture of dedication, commitment and transparency is the hallmark of the new and growing UP. The Prime Minister paved the way for “Sabka Saath-Sabka Vikas-Sabka Vishwas”. Today, as the current state government wraps up four years, I am personally pleased that we have been successful in implementing our policies along this path. Farmers, youth, women and the poor are at the center of the policies of the current government. The policies and intention of the government are clear and that is why people are with the government. Some time ago, when we called Uttar Pradesh the State of the Possibility, some people laughed at us saying that nothing could happen here. But today, Uttar Pradesh is moving rapidly on the development path, with the government drawing its strength to do good from its commitment to public welfare. May Maa Bharati guide us and give us the strength to pursue our goals for the greater benefit of the people.
(The writer is the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh)

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