January 16, 2022
  • January 16, 2022

The buzz surrounding the inclusion of Indian bonds in global indices is increasing; the net impact may be limited

by on January 3, 2022 0

One month away from the 2022-2023 Union budget, the noise around the inclusion of India’s sovereign bonds in global bond indices is intensifying. India is among the last of the major emerging markets (EM) to be included in global bond indices. With the second highest stock of government securities in circulation totaling $ 2.3...

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El Salvador President Nayib Bukele Predicts Two More Countries Will Make Legal Bitcoin Offer In 2022

by on January 2, 2022 0

President Bukele tweeted his forecast for Bitcoin this coming year, including a price target of $ 100,000. Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele on New Years Day 2022 tweeted his predictions for Bitcoin this coming year, making some very bold bets. Apparently the biggest prediction out of the six he made is that “2 more countries...

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Local Economy: Why Northwest Oregon’s GDP Matters | News

by on January 1, 2022 0

Every county in northwestern Oregon has been hit hard by the pandemic recession. Trade restrictions and closures affected all counties; the travel industry, so important to the coast, has seen an unprecedented decline in business and employment; and Oregon State University in Benton County has ended in-person teaching. It is therefore not surprising that...

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Washington State’s reimbursement request enters the no-fly zone

by on December 31, 2021 0

The Washington Court of Appeals recently issued a split (2-1) decision in a case involving Washington’s “benefits received” test for the distribution of service income. The Court ruled that the “benefits” of the services of an aircraft design firm were received in Washington, where the taxpayer’s direct customer, Boeing, manufactured the planes incorporating the...

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Top 10 scams of 2021

by on December 29, 2021 0

The Better Business Bureau serving east-central Texas has identified the 10 scams that have targeted East Texans the most in the past year. TYLER, Texas – The Better Business Bureau serving east central Texas has identified the top 10 east Texas scams in 2021. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Consumer Sentinel Network recorded about...

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