January 7, 2022
  • January 7, 2022

Uganda can achieve greener, resilient and inclusive growth by investing in sustainable land management and climate-smart agriculture

by on June 8, 2021 0

KAMPALA, June 8, 2021-In central Uganda, schoolchildren in Kisubi are learning about fish farming and integrated aquaculture, which help reduce pressure on dwindling water resources and fisheries while increasing fish production and exports. Water from fish ponds is used to irrigate fruits and vegetables, an innovative and efficient use of resources. This approach to...

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The time for rand hedges has arrived

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Through Notice 2h ago Share this article: ShareTweeterShareShareShareE-mailShare By Ryk from Klerk The Rand’s explosive race against the major currencies should start to falter. My analysis indicates that the 12-month rolling dynamics of a non-Asian emerging market equity market weighted FX index (based on the MSCI Emerging Markets ex Asia index) versus the US...

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Middle East Newsletter: Turkish Lira at a Crossroads (TRY: USD)

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Turkish President Recep Erdogan. Photographer: Murat Cetinmuhurdar / Agence Anadolu / Getty Images Latest news from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan the monetary policy intervention pushed the lira to new all-time lows against the US dollar, putting the currency on a dangerous path. Erdogan’s announcement that it is “imperative” that Turkey start cutting interest...

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