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Peter ‘Dung’ Tenorio leads third down for CNMI national golf team | Sports

By on September 25, 2021 0

PETER “Dung” Tenorio reigned supreme in the CNMI National Golf Team Third Tryout hosted by the Federation of CNMI Golf Associations on Saturday at the Coral Ocean Golf Resort.

Members of the CNMI golf team who take part in next year’s Pacific mini-games will be selected during these trials.

Although Tenorio didn’t put on a flashy performance on Saturday, he proved that consistency could win a game.

Of the first nine, he found his rhythm early, but bugged the No.3 hole to shoot an overhead for a gross score of 37.

Tenorio started to lose touch on the transition over the last nine, completing three bogeys on holes # 13, # 14 and # 17 for a raw score of 40, but thanks to his previous outing he still managed to clinch first place with a total net score of 77.

In second place was another familiar face, Joe Sasamoto Jr., who struggled lightly over the top nine with three bogeys, but he redeemed himself with a birdie at hole 9 to finish par two with a gross from 38.

The last nine turned out to be the toughest part of the course for Sasamoto who managed four bogeys, but he saved himself with another birdie for a gross score of 40 and a total net score of 78.

Harry Nakamura also continues to climb the rankings, placing third this time around. He had a decent outing on the top nine, but a triple bugy kept him behind as he got a gross score of 40.

He improved his stroke over the last nine with just two bogeys and a birdie for a total of 38 to share a net score of 78 with Sasamoto.

But based on the scorecard playoffs, Nakamura’s triple bugy was the deciding factor and he had to settle for third place.

In fourth place was the winner of the first try, JJ Atalig who remains one of the best contenders. On Saturday he didn’t start off on the right foot, scoring a gross of 41 over the top nine, but he rebounded from the bottom nine as he shared the low of 38 with Nakamura to finish with a net score of 79.

In fifth place was Jay Muna who produced a raw score of 40 on the top nine and 44 on the back for a net score of 84.