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Project MUNCH: How a Brand New Crypto Donated $ 2.2 Million It’s Month 1 & Why It’s Changing the Charity Game

By on June 13, 2021 0

Miami, the predicted Silicon Valley of crypto, just received a huge herd of digital currency enthusiasts throwing buzzwords like wildfire at Bitcoin’s biggest cryptocurrency conference. The nearly $ 30,000 drop felt from April to May obviously didn’t cool anyone’s mind, even after Elon Musk made a 180-degree turn.

With more and more institutional investors dipping their toes into cryptocurrency, we are moving towards its mainstream acceptance, which will bring significant changes in the way we conduct day-to-day transactions. This is a big win for people who need low-cost money transfers and for those who need access to more financial services.

But is that all there is to crypto? As billionaires get richer and the average investor searches for the next viable deal, is it their job to look at the big picture and be socially responsible in the midst of this crypto frenzy?

MUNCH, the fastest growing DeFi charity community project launched in April of this year, has literally made social responsibility its business. In the first month, they managed to donate an incredible $ 2.7 million to charity. And that’s just the start for MUNCH as their innovation and global cause sets them apart from other charity cryptocurrencies. Here’s why:

1. The first trustless model charity token.

MUNCH is the first DeFi and Ethereum-based token to develop trustless giving to charity. Their sustainable business model has paved the way for an even bigger returning community as more and more digital coins are inspired to take the same path.

MUNCH was designed to resist the paradox of donor effectiveness, the common reluctance that a small donation won’t have much of an effect that it doesn’t look worthwhile to donate, by having a transaction process automated.

2. Cool work culture.

MUNCH does not position itself as a very token nor as a massive enterprise level project. This branding eliminates intimidation and attracts investors from all walks of life. It cultivates a community spirit that shares a goal: to distribute wealth where it belongs.

MUNCH runs community contests and wagering rewards, NFTs and giveaways. This is in addition to its $ MUNCH Millions automated lottery where holders are automatically entered. The draw takes place every Tuesday and Friday.

3. Investors can vote for charity.

MUNCH’s charitable efforts impact both investors and the charities chosen by the community, so the relationship and accountability form early in the cause selection process. It starts when people showcase charities and a team immediately connects to those charities through zoom meetings. It’s important for MUNCH and its investors to know exactly what the donation is going to cause and to have tangible goals, instead of just funding a charity without really seeing any real results.

After extensive interviews and research, the MUNCH team and token holders decide which carefully controlled charity the donated fees will go to by voting. This is part of the design of the contract which allows everyone in the community to make informed decisions and have a say in the future direction of MUNCH.

4. Unique Tokenomics.

For each MUNCH transaction, 5% is automatically sent to charity and an additional 5% is distributed to holders for passive income. Perhaps the biggest differentiator of MUNCH among other cryptocurrencies is that all fees are collected and converted to ETH at the time of the transaction, and donations are made at the contract level, without MUNCH’s interaction.

MUNCH does not need a team-owned wallet and reinjection of cash, which are known ways to donate with a charity token. This process allows investors to be more flexible and to donate without confidence. MUNCH’s main goal is to provide a more secure donation network where users can track their funds to their destination, using the network’s blockchain tracking tools.

5. Ingenious roadmap.

Barely two months into the crypto world, but MUNCH has already achieved great things and donated millions, they never seem short of fresh and innovative ideas to pursue their goal of distributing wealth so easy and secure. as possible.

MUNCH is already working on a charitable launch pad as a social fundraising platform where users can proactively select a charity to donate to without MUNCH’s intervention, and donate their passive rewards. to charity without having to go through an extra step. The launch pad will also be a convenient platform for project creators to raise funds and hopefully support early entrepreneurs.

A hodler’s dashboard is also being finalized as a convenient place for users to connect their wallets. The dashboard will allow holders to track their purchases and sales and more elaborate items such as the amount of passive rewards earned and how much they have donated so far.

MUNCH plans to create and expand an ecosystem that includes people capable of knowing, engaging and exchanging NFT artwork. They are also looking to branch out and develop the Munch lifestyle and other marketing products.

MUNCH’s Binance Bridge is now available, fulfilling MUNCH’s goal of being the first cross-chain charity token. This is where people can simply select how many tokens they want to trade on the Binance side and then easily switch to Binance to receive those tokens.

The Yellow Brick Road Project is this month’s MUNCH charity, launched by families affected by a rare mutation in the HNRNPH2 gene. This mutation causes developmental delay, intellectual disability, hypotonia, and seizures, among other characteristics. At the time of writing, a total amount of 77.57 ETH has been donated since May 23. That’s $ 200,892 in 18 days. We hope that the contributions of the MUNCH community will go a long way in helping this team not only to help those affected, but also to eradicate this genetic mutation.

And with MUNCH now available on PancakeSwap, we expect to see more charities accepting crypto donations and more institutional investors participating in global causes. It is in the hope that more digital currencies as innovative, transparent, charitable and impactful as MUNCH will emerge in the near future to make an impossible global wealth equality possible.

Posted on June 13, 2021