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Radio Ergo Hearing Feedback Report, December 16, 2021 – Somalia

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Short summary

The majority of callers for Radio Ergo’s public comment this week (December 7-15, 2021) were concerned about the worsening impact of the ongoing drought across the country. Many pastoralists spoke of migrating to other areas in vain in search of water and pasture for their livestock, or resources depleted by the arrival of large numbers of people and animals. Many callers said their cattle were dead or sick or dying and had no market value. Further locust infestations were cause for concern, particularly in parts of Somaliland. Many callers wanted government and / or aid agency intervention. The following summarizes the calls by topic.

Drought and water scarcity – this week there were several calls from Awdal, saying their cattle were dead, they had no water and people had moved away from the area. A caller said the birds ate the remains of his dead animals. They asked for help from the Somaliland government. Among Togdher’s callers, one in Buhodle said boreholes are being built and businesses, farmers and ranchers should support the efforts. Among Sanag’s callers, one said so many people had migrated there that resources were exhausted and water trucked in from afar was being sold at a high price. In Sool, callers complained about persistent drought or unfortunately insufficient rainfall. In Puntland, several callers said they had migrated long distances to different places but could not find water. A caller in Nugal said she was among those who could not leave the area and the children were suffering from malnutrition. In Mudug, callers spoke about missed rains, water shortages and the exodus of people. A caller to Gideys said a small baby has died from the drought. Callers in various parts of Galgadud have asked for help saving their cattle. A caller said the drought was severe, resources after the scarce rains were now depleted and they were unable to sell their animals before they died. In Hiran, callers said they needed water help. A caller in Buq-aqable said local politicians came promising to help people sell their cattle, but then disappeared. In the south, appellants for M. and L. Shabelle, L. Juba, Bay and Gedo complained of water scarcity killing livestock and causing farms to go bankrupt. A mother of seven in the Bay area said they were dependent on agriculture and were hit by locusts and then drought. A caller in Luq said there was a food shortage. A caller to Afmadow said many families affected by the drought needed help. There have also been several appeals from the Somali region of Ethiopia asking the government to provide water assistance.
Desert Locusts – Calls of further Desert Locust invasions have come largely from Sanag, with some from Hargeisa and Sool, as well as Puntland and Mudug. Among the callers in Sanag, one said he was hit by a devastating combination of drought and locusts. Another said they were in the grip of locusts in Hingalol and believed his cattle were sick because of it. The callers wanted locust control and response measures.

Other topics – some listeners from different regions called about the spread of COVID19, some asking for advice or information. There have been calls from pastoralists for advice on livestock diseases from veterinary radio, and calls from farmers for advice from experts in the Agriculture program. Puntland callers complained about the sharp rise in prices and called on the government to stabilize the currency and prices