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This elderly person brings bond, joy to others despite the pandemic

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Editor’s Note: Staten Island Advance / is proud to dedicate its annual Women of Achievement program, established in 1964 and celebrated annually since, to local heroes; we call it Staten Island Women of Achievement 2020 – The Front Line. When we called for nominations, we received many heartfelt words about these brave women, who have made such a difference in our community throughout the coronavirus pandemic. We are releasing parts of some of these nominations because they are the real voices of the impact of these real heroes. Congratulations to this Woman of Success 2020: Kathy Fiorello.

This nomination was submitted by Mary Petrone.

STATEN ISLAND, NY – I would like to name one senior who has made the lives of over 50 seniors at the Mount Loretto Senior Friendship Club more connected, joyful and useful during this time of pandemic / quarantine – when it would be easy for seniors to feeling disconnected, scared and “out of the loop” to the news and events around them.

Kathy Fiorello, a senior member of the Mount Loretto Friendship Club in Tottenville, had no other purpose in arranging the club members to meet at Wolfes Pond Park twice a week, but to get them out of the house to be between friends who could chat and have fun while they “hide” and sit safely under trees, play organized games, have lunch together and laugh together. It started with a small group in early April, but has grown to over 50 people every week.

She organizes, sends messages and phone calls, and spreads the word without using advanced technology. She does it the old fashioned way – people talk to each other.

Kathy is not paid for her efforts. It is strictly a labor of love using his organizational skills and his knack for communicating with others in order to share time together.

She offers ideas to make the weekly get-togethers memorable, and the older people who get together always have information and news to share about other club members who might need help or support. This awareness has done more for the emotional well-being of older people than you might imagine.

Kathy is not currently working, as she is the DOE Retired Parents Coordinator [city Department of Education].

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