November 24, 2022
  • November 24, 2022

Warning: Chase Wire Services Difficult Customer Service

By on October 9, 2022 0
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I have an extensive relationship with JP Morgan Chase Bank, but when I encountered a problem with wire services, a crack was revealed in otherwise stellar customer service and it is concerning.

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Don’t get me wrong I love Chase

Many travelers like me use the bank for their excellent Chase credit cards. Over the years, my relationship with JPMorgan Chase Bank (NA) has extended to a variety of products, including savings accounts, corporate credit cards, and even Chase Private Client Checks. I have a number of business accounts at the bank and so far have been a satisfied customer.

The bank has been an essential tool for me and my family, but above all also for my businesses. I considered not writing this post at all because apart from one particular area of ​​banking they have done fantastically.

But my experience with Chase Wire Services has been so terrible that I can’t ignore it anymore.

Chase Wire Services customer service is a problem

One of my companies has staff in Armenia and I have documented this well here. I made many transfers between my Chase account and my correspondent account in this country so that I could distribute them to the contractors. I’ve done this transfer over a dozen times, each one was initially delayed but then arrived within the next 2-3 days. While I don’t like the fact that such regular transactions are initially delayed 100% of the time and I can’t accurately predict when they will eventually arrive, they have all been successful.

At the beginning of August, I made the same drop-down bank transfer that I always have. As always it was delayed but this time it never arrived. Worse still, Chase showed that transfer was over. We gave it a few days and then inquired further. Here are some milestones and events we tracked along the way:

  • Branch meetings – I met with several branches and several account executives, managers and support staff. I dedicated about 12 hours of my time and Chase staff time to this effort.
  • Secure Messages – I have sent a number of secure messages, the “only” way to communicate with Chase Wire services is through secure messages through the app or website. (What does an old school luddite do? Nothing, they literally have no way to communicate with wire staff when there is a problem)
  • Branch Escalations – I had to deal with the same “Jessica” who calls on a recorded and monitored line, and she calls every day to tell me that Wire Services did nothing. She called every week, but after the third week I wanted her to call me every day because I thought if she or her boss looked at how much time was spent on this issue, something would be done. We talk every day, and I was wrong. After about a dozen calls, they finally looked for a successful transfer but not the one in question. Cool.
  • Twitter – I reached out

Everyone at Chase says the transmission department doesn’t have a phone either for internal purposes or for customers to connect with them. I’ve heard everything from security issues to thousands of open but unfilled positions at the bank due to COVID, which is why the transmission department literally doesn’t have a phone.

It seems unlikely.

When I follow the instructions and use secure messages, the bank says they can’t reach anyone at the destination bank (incorrect, they haven’t contacted them, we have agents there.) She looked for bad transfers. They marked the case as closed and resolved the moment the money was handed over – even though it obviously wasn’t and I can prove it. They suggested that the recipient (me) was lying and had indeed arrived.

Whether it’s COVID (it’s a bit long in the tooth to play this one again), or safety, this approach doesn’t work. The copy-paste replies from the secure messaging team don’t fix the problem, they don’t even process the correct forwarding. The branch staff are so helpless it makes me lose faith in my entire relationship with Chase.

In fact, I suggested that I should take Chase to small claims court. Even if I lost it would still get the attention of their legal staff who could pull out a calculator and figure out that their time is worth more than just investigating what happened or giving me back the money they said was wired but was not. At least one branch manager said I should do just that.

It’s really not that hard to send leads. I actually used my Chase debit card to send a Moneygram and the money was there instantly for about the same fee. Without delay. No waiting. If I have a problem with Moneygram, I can connect with their staff online via chat and resolve the issue.

The escalation agent I deal with said that similar issues take an average of two months to resolve (which we’ve been through before) and that blows my mind. How profitable is it for the bank?

The biggest problem for me is that even though this failed transfer is returned as it should be (it was called back and “returned” to me for several weeks) I cannot rely on Chase to send the money to me. ) on time, b) predictably, c) and rest assured it will never happen, or d) if something goes wrong, they’ll fix it.

What is the solution ?

The solution is quite simple.

  1. The wired team must be reachable at least internally.
  2. If secure messaging is going to be the way consumers communicate, Chase must address the issue.
  3. The thread team should be open to investigating the matter.
  4. The lead team should be held accountable if and when they make a mistake. It’s not happening because I can prove they made a mistake and there’s no one at Chase who can hold them to account.

Archaic issues like this will be the reason cryptocurrencies take off more than anything else. There is no excuse for this in the modern age. The bank has all the tracking information and has no desire to just track it and fix the problem.


If Jamie Dimon had any idea of ​​the experience I’ve had (and probably many, many others), I have no doubt he’d do something about it right away. If his nephew had a thread go wrong and told him about it at a Labor Day BBQ (this problem was already a month old), he would be appalled and something would be done. Instead, neither branch reps, escalations, nor forwarding services can seem to cope. I’m too small a customer to care, so maybe it’s time I found a bank that will help me if I’m wrong. What else can we do? My businesses, my customers and my contractors deserve better than Chase bothers to deliver.

What do you think? Did you have any transfer issues with Chase? What did you do about it?